A Passion for Natural

From the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the African Savanna, Kimia is a labour of love and passion, drawing inspiration from thousands of years of use of carefully selected natural ingredients utilised to their greatest effect by the people indigenous to these parts of the world.

The original Kimia formula was developed by Hedva, a woman who devoted her life to the research of plants, plant extracts the positive effects these natural ingredients can have on the human body, mind and soul.


Through The Generations

Hedva was introduced to the world of plants before the age of three by her mother, who encouraged her to disregard conventional learning and focus her energy on building a profound knowledge of plants and how nature functions on a deeper level.
Throughout her youth and adult years, Hedva was fortunate to be able to travel around the world studying plants and acquiring knowledge from others who shared her passion. She spent years travelling through Africa as well as South and North America where she was able study in detail how many indigenous tribes used nature’s larder to heal and protect. Many of the techniques she was privileged to study in great detail have been passed down from generation to generation.


Magic Oils

In North America, she learned from the Native Americans, among whom she lived, about how oils and various plant extracts affect the human body and the skin in particular.


The Native American Indians use Witch Hazel, or ‘Magic Oil’ (referring to its properties), for many purposes around the village, Hedva noticed however that the feet of those responsible for ‘mashing’ the Witch Hazel to extract the juices were healthy smooth and free from wrinkles. She also noticed that those with minor foot wounds who were sent to ‘mash’ were healed remarkably quickly leaving skin that was smoother and much healthier.
Through her research she realised the healing, smoothing and wrinkle removal properties were coming from the oil contained within the bark, leaf and flowers of the plant, however when the mash contained certain other plants the effects she had seen were significantly enhanced. This proved to be the Eureka moment for Hedva who then set her mind to developing optimum blends of ingredients to provide product with enhanced beneficial effects.


A Modern Take On Ancient Knowledge

We firmly believe that although many synthetically produced ingredients have wonderful benefits in skincare formulations, many skincare brands have tended to focus away from the great natural ingredients available to us in preference for the weird and wonderful marketing claims of the large material manufacturers.


A Kimia our aim has always been to bring back to the forefront the wonderful natural ingredients available to us by use the vast knowledge of natural ingredients built up by Hedva over many years.
By doing this we are able to bring to consumers, skincare products that utilise the enhanced benefits gained through the synergistic effects of natural blends. The products we produce benefit from this ingredient knowledge to ensure the products we bring to you satisfy the three key elements of beautiful healthy skin, hydration, nourishment and protection.