Our mission is simple really. To produce exquisite beauty products, that really work! Using where possible the wonderful array of natural ingredients gifted to us by Mother Nature herself.


But What Does That Really Mean?

When we started Kimia we had a clear vision, a vision we still hold today. That vision was to bring to you our customers, honest hard working skincare products that really do work and deliver truly wonderful natural looking skin, the KIMIA glow.

In doing this it is also our aim to use where possible in our formulations as many of the exquisite natural plant and mineral ingredients gifted to us by Mother Nature as we could.

It is of course not enough to just fill formulations with any old natural ingredient, we expertly blend ingredients to maximise and on occasions enhance their effects and we will always make sure each ingredient we use is sustainably sourced and of the highest purity and quality.

We also have an obligation to you, our customers, to ensure all the products we produce are stable and safe to use, on occasions this may mean we need to use ingredients that are not truly natural. When we use these ingredients it is our promise to you that we will tell you what we have used and why we have used it.

This forms the basis of our promise to you through the products we produce.

But most important of all, when you look in the mirror at your beautiful skin and smile….we smile too!

Kimia xx