Why Kimia?

At KIMIA we care about your skin, and by using many of the exquisite natural ingredients Mother Nature has entrusted to, we have made it our mission to develop truly wonderful natural skincare products that produce lasting visible results! (READ MORE)

Our Story

From the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the African Savanna, Kimia is a labour of love and passion, drawing inspiration from thousands of years of use of carefully selected natural ingredients utilised to their greatest effect by the people indigenous to these parts of the world. (READ MORE)

Our Promise

Our mission is simple really. To produce exquisite beauty products, that really work!
Using where possible the wonderful array of natural ingredients gifted to us by Mother Nature herself. (READ MORE)

Natural Beauty

Natural is as important to us as the effectiveness of the products we create. Through our years of experience we are able to utilise the benefits of some of the most wonderful natural ingredients from around the world in safe honest and effective beauty products.
We will always be honest about the natural credentials of our products and the ingredients we use. (READ MORE)

Ingredient A-Z

Just what is that ingredient and what does it do? Is it natural, is it synthetic? Find out in our handy quick reference guide to the ingredients we use. (READ MORE)